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Magnetism of Sun in StarSign of Cancer

Magic - Love - Money - Health - Destiny

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה

Sun in Cancer from 21st June => 22nd July 2020


Magic is when something appears that wasn't in your life

Magic is when something you've lost is returned to you

Magic is when something unexpected happens for you


Magic is when you gave-up hope - then - something unexpected and surprising happens

because an inexplicable "Divine-intervention" creates "Magnetism" and makes "it" happen


A combination of the Magic of Kabbalah with Astrology - means - I know the energies available - know how to use the energies - and - maximize the potential to make you be the person you're supposed to be - back-on-track of your destined destiny - and - that means getting your own "MAGNETISM" back again.


Everytime something truly destined happens in your life - it is because - you've had your "MAGNETISM". Everytime you've had problems or blockages in your life or nothing happening in your life - was - because you "LOST YOUR MAGNETISM".


I explained on the lessons @ - lessons of 12th June & 19th June 2020 - the power of Kabbalist to make miracles. Kabbalist's, Magician's and Light-Workers are like Candle's of light floating in the Ether - go-between's - the Spiritual world of destiny and the physical world of people. We want you to live your earthly life - we want you to experience all the destined relationships of your life - we want you to have your own "MAGNETISM" back again.


As many of you have known me - in the past 7 years - since January 2013 - I've had an extra special gift - because of the Rabbi Elimelech of Lezajsk - known as the "Noam Elimelech". I am living here in Poland - because of the MAGNETISM of this great Spiritual Soul that brought me here - and - who has made MAGIC for me.


If not for Rebbe Elimelech - if not for coming here in March 2007 - if not for moving here in January 2013 - if not for staying here for 7 complete years - and - feeling the MAGNETISM OF LUCK of being here - then - I wouldn't be able to do anything for anyone.


I've been working on the spirituality - and - now ready to-go-public

I've made things happen - that have seemed like "MIRACLES"

I've made it happen - because I'm a good "GO-BETWEEN"


I'm in-love with the Soul of Rebbe Elimelech - because - he has saved my life. I've 100% dedication, respect and love for the Spiritual Soul of Rebbe Elimelech - that - my existence is "in service" of being a "GO-BETWEEN" and making "MIRACLES".


The truth is whilst many people think it's a "MIRACLES" - I see it as you getting your own destined destiny - I see it as putting you back-on-track - being connected to whoever you're supposed to be connected to - and - living life your destined to live - with good health and prosperity.


When I've been concerned and worried about people ....

I've put in the request for "HELP" that they get their destiny

And the results always come in the form of MAGNETISM of attraction


It takes less than 40 days for it to work - and - in accordance with his kabbalistic teachings

The zone when "it" works best is from June until the Jewish New Year in September

That's because - no-one can block your destiny in these 4 months



The only conditions for getting "HELP" are as follows:-


[1] For the zone of 40 days when I will help you ....

or until you have your breakthrough [which could be within 14 days]


You LOVE everyone in your life

You LOVE everyone you've ever known

You LOVE everyone who annoys you

You LOVE everyone you hate

You LOVE your circumstances



[2] For the zone of 40 days when I will help you ....

and/or until you have your breakthrough [which could be within 14 days]


You don't talk negative or badly about anyone

You don't complain about life - don't complain about no-one

Ignore anything negative - switch-off to anyone or anything "bad"



If you follow [1] and [2] yourself - then you don't need me

Because following [1] and [2] - is the SECRET to getting your MAGNETISM back


But some of you - might need the EXTRA special HELP - I can offer you

Especially if you feel REALLY LOST - if you feel DEAD-INSIDE - if you feel NO-ENERGY

If you've totally lost your MAGNETISM - then - try me - "you've got nothing to loose!"

I won't take any money in advance - I only ask for when you've had SUCCESS




[3] Make a one-time 10% donation - after you've had SUCCESS

When you have had your unexpected "MIRACLE"

or when you have your MAGNETISM back

or when you have your GOOD LUCK back

or when you've got your LOVE-LIFE back on track

or when you've got your GOOD HEALTH back


For "money-magic" miracle

make a one-time-only 10% donation of your monthly paycheck

or 10% donation of the increase in revenue due to the miracle

or 10% of the business-deal you have made because of the MIRACLE


For "love-magic" miracle & "healthy-healing" magic

make a one-time-only 5% donation of your weekly paycheck


Audio #1 - "Try-it-out" - "You've got nothing to loose"

Summer of breakthrough's - get-back your Magnetism




Contact me by Email-WhatsApp for Help

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה


Details I need to know from you - by email or whatsapp

Then I will contact you - to - determine - when we begin


[1] Your Date of Birth

[2] Your Photo

[3] When did you loose your "MAGNETISM" in love-life relationships ?

[4] When did you loose your "MAGNETISM" in business - money - career ?

[5] Any other details - that - explains - "WHEN" did it all go WRONG for you

When was the last LUCKY date-with-destiny - "WHEN" it all went RIGHT for you


After I receive your email/whatsapp message - I will decide when to begin working with you

Unfortunately - there are "some" people that I won't be able to work with


Audio #2 - Cancer is dangerous - Cancer - eliminate "it" out of your life

Summer of breakthrough's - get-back your Magnetism


Sun in StarSign of Cancer

מזל - ברכה - והצלחה

Sun in Cancer from 21st June => 22nd July 2020


Cancer is dangerous - Cancer is life-threatening disease - Cancer co-exists in everyone's body - Cancerous cells are produced inside everyone's body - BUT - Cancerous cells are supposed to be eliminated from the bowels everyday.


Everyone eats food - everyone's body is supposed to filter out the good energy of the food - and - evacuate the bad energy - along with all the dead-cells of the body - the bowels daily let-go of the cancerous energies.


The same with all the people you've known in your life - no-one is perfect - no-one you've known is supposed to be perfect - all you're destined to do - is hold onto all the GOODNESS from all the people you've known in your life - and - forget-about - eliminate - discard - let-go - and - forgive the BADNESS of all the people you've known in your life.


When you love your children you instinctively FORGIVE them - you - let-go of the badness they've done - because - you want to keep them in your life. The same with ALL your relationships - let-go - forgive-them - keep the goodness - and - evacuate the BADNESS.


When you're CONSTIPATED - you're BLOCKED. The cancerous energies are sitting inside you. When "NOTHING" is happening in your life - it's because you've got BLOCKED energies sitting in your aura - all those BLOCKAGES are hateful energies - negative thoughts - cancerous - dangerous "dark" energies - which are preventing anything NEW and GOOD from coming-into your life.


The Magic of the Month of Cancer is to UNBLOCK the BLOCKAGES - and - get your life moving. Flush all the badness out of your life - let-go of all hatred of other people - let-go of all the badness you've experienced in your life - love-all - forgive-all.





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