"2024" - Energetic & Exciting



"2024 is Year of Truth"

Everything is "Yes" or "No"

"Good-for-You" or "Toxic-Bad"




"The Magi of Psychic Healing"

Magi the "Evil-Eye" away from you

"Evil-Eye" is the "Toxic of all Toxic"


Astrology is all about the "powerful invisible" energies

Psychic positive/negative energies are "invisible"

Ethereal spiritual soulful energies are "invisible"


Good Luck attractive auras are "invisible-vibes"

Bad Luck blocked depressed auras are "invisible-vibes"


Everyday you should be feeling the "+ve energies"

Something is wrong - if you're not "living in +ve energy"


Audio #1 "#1234 Psychic-attacks"

"Being Blocked - and - Not Receiving Astrology"

"Psychic Attacks - Evil Eye - Blockages"


Audio #2 "#1234 Psychic-Healing"

"Other people's energies can block Your Life"

"Your own energies will unblock Your Life"


Audio #3 "#1234 Goodbye to the Past"

"Evil Eye is only created by People you Know"


"The Magi of Psychic Healing"

All the Invisible Energies create "Luck"

"Evil-Eye" is Stagnating "Bad-Luck"

"Astrology" is Creating "Good Luck"


Few examples of "Evil-eye" damaging you ....

"Evil-eye" of your ex's prevents you moving-on

"Evil-eye" of abusive heavy-bad souls creates fear

"Evil-eye" of past-life-bad-karma attracts you to bad things


"Evil-eye" is a dark-soul-energy that prevents "Light"

"Light" is a light-happy-go-lucky soul that loves-life

If you're not "happy-go-lucky" - darkness is blocking you

"Light" can't see darkness - darkness always sees "Light"


You can't fight "darkness" by creating more "darkness"

You can only obliterate "darkness" with "Light"

The "Light" is the power within your bright soul


"Magi-Light-Workers" know how to "eliminate-darkness"

"Kabbalists-Good-Psychics-Healers" bring "Light"


When you "Love-Life" => you're creating "Light"

People who "Hate-Life" => are creating "Darkness"



"Magi of Your Inner-Light"

Your Mind Creates "Your Lucky-Light"

& Your Mind creates "Your Bad-Luck"


"Sadness-Frustration-Depression" is your "Darkness"

"Light" is available every moment of every day


You feel "Light" when you connect with "Light"

You feel "Darkness" when you connect with "Darkness"

You feel "Darkness" when you can't see the "Light"


"Light" & "Darkness" are invisible forces inside you

It's up-to-your-mind's-eye to sense "Light" & "Darkness"


Psychic Krisztina is always careful what "her mind sees"

Wherever you are - your soul is sensing "what you see"


Bad-Vibes is your soul seeing "Darkness"

Good-Vibes is your soul seeing "Light"


Your invisible "psychic senses" are your guides

Sight/Vision & Smell & Sound & Touch

"Senses" are power/control to let-in good & bad


Becoming "Lucky" => take control of your "Senses"

Become "Lucky" => let-in & focus on the goodness

Become "Lucky" => by ignoring the darkness

Become "Lucky" by constantly living in the "Light"



Magi of Creating Light from Within You

Tried & Tested Traditional Methods


Your Mind/Thoughts can't afford to be distracted

Your Mind/Thoughts needs to focus & concentrate on


1. The BEST people who've been good for you

Focus your heart and soul on destined good-people


2. The BEST places you've lived in - safe for you

Real-life earthly places create light energy


3. The BEST things you've got in your life

Focus your mind on your real-life possessions


4. The BEST things about "you" - "your-life"

Focus your mind on your own good-qualities


"Darkness" is trying to distract you from your life

"Darkness" makes you feel like a "sad-loser"

"Darkness" criticizes and complain about "you"


Your mind needs to focus on "your real life goodness"

Your mind needs to love "your own individuality"


Pure psychics don't watch nonsense/internet/TV/porn

"Light-souls" thinks/concentrates on real-life goodness


Tried & Tested Traditional Methods


Shake-off the negative vibes from "you" .....

1. Go-out for a walk - get-away from toxic

2. Get-outside in fresh-air - fresh-aura

3. Go to pure places - Church-Synagogue-Temple

4. Go into pure nature - parks-gardens-green-nature

5. Shower-freshen-up cleanse - clean-clothes


Cleanse the negativity - Cleanse-Your-Home

6. Open-windows - let-the-light-bright energy-in

7. Clean everything - windows-furniture-dust

8. Throw-out anything that's from "toxic-past"

9. Throw-out the energy of all "bad-connections"

10. Change bed-linen & throw-out mattress from "ex's"


Cleanse-Your-Mind - "Focus Your Mind on Destiny"

11. Focus-on-images of all the goodness

12. Focus-on-what you want in your life

13. "Re-live" the best moments of your life

14. "Re-live" the crossroads of your life

15. Talk positive & secretively to your own mind

16. Listen to meaningful uplifting music

17. Watch meaningful TV programs

18. Enjoy living your life with mindfulness


"Mind-over-Matter" means your mind is in control

Your thoughts can get-you-out of toxic situations

When you're thinking positive => becomes positive

People who think negative => becomes negative



Magi the "Evil-Eye" away from you

Tried & Tested Traditional Methods


"Thought-energy" is powerful to block your energy

Abusive Ex's from the past create "thought-energy"

Rotten people you've known - have "thought-energy"

Bad luck is when their "thought-energy" is hurting you

Evil-eye "thought-energy" needs to be cancelled out


Cancelling-out evil-eye is in the daily Jewish prayer

Magi is cancelling-out the power of "thought-energy"


Methods of traditional Kabbalistic & Psychic-Gipsy


Write the "names" of "evil-eye" people you know

or/and - use a pic of them - to eliminate them ....


1. Take the "names" to a cemetery & leave "it" there

2. Take the "names" to tomb of Kabalistic Rabbis

3. Flush the "names" down the toilet

4. Piss/Shit on the "names" prior to flushing it

5. Burn the "names" and flush it down

6. Put the "names" in the freezer

7. Dig a hole in your garden & bury their "names"


[You'll find lots of other variations online]

The method is of destroying their "toxic" energy


"Happiness" is "Being-Happy" they're not in your life

"Happiness" is "Being-Happy-Today"

"Happiness" is "Not Living in-the-past"


"Evil-eye" is created because "they" still hate you

"Evil-eye" is "them" pulling you back into the past

"Evil-eye" is "their" negative-energy producing "evil"


"Your Happiness" is enraging them => let "it" anger them

"Your Happiness" is created via "physical-detachment"

"Thought-energy" is keeping you "attacked/attached"


8. Thank God - you're no longer living with them

9. Thank God - you're already detached from them

10. Thank God - you're not "evil" like them

11. Thank God - you're not living in the past


"Your Thought-energy" needs to live in "Happiness"

"Thought-energy" needs "mind-thoughts-soul-detachment"


12. Define the truth - of - being "free & detached"

13. Repeat to yourself - "I'm free & detached"

14. Do things to prove - "they" are not in your life

15. "They" hate things about you - so - do things they hate

Define your detachment and your freedom from them

Be rebellious against their "thoughts" ... for example ....

If they hated you praying in synagogue/church/temple

If they hated your music, your choice of clothes & style

If they hated you talking to some of your friends

If they hated you doing what you loved doing

Their "evil-eye" hates seeing your happiness

Their "evil-eye" wants to see you sad/depressed

Fight their "evil-eye" by doing things of "Happiness"



16. Kabbalah defines "evil-eye" hates color "RED"

Wearing red-string bracelet & red-clothes

"Evil-eye" can't attack people wearing "color RED"

Avoid wearing "black" clothes - "black" is for funerals

Kabbalah defines there's no "black" in flowers/trees



[You'll find lots of other variations online]


The purpose is so that you receive Saturn in Pisces

The purpose is so that you can move-on with life

"Toxic" energy is stagnation - Movement is life-energy

July-August-September 2024 is time of "life-energy"


Age of Enlightenment means solving problems within

You can win - begin with - your own mind & Soul

Saturn in Psychic Pisces creates healing from within



Magi of Psychics-Kabbalists-Light

Go-to-a-psychic - "face-to-face"


When you sit for a reading - your aura is spoken to

Healing is easy when you're in the presence of "destiny"


Wherever you live in the world - you can find "psychics"

Online can work for "some" people - but real-life is better


Saturn in Healing Pisces thru 2025 - means time for healing

2023-2024 - Eliminate the toxicity out of your life forever !




ספר גילגולים - Reincarnation - Karma

Finding-Solving-Healing the "Pieces"

Evil-Eye Connected with "Karma"


Karma - defines - the inexplicable illogical "blockages"

Unfinished Karma - ensures you're compelled to do "it"

Unfinished Karma - ensures you're focused on "it"

Unfinished Karma - ensures you're blocked until "it" is done

Completing the Karma - ensures you're SET-FREE


Pluto in Capricorn => Pluto enters Aquarius in January 2024

The final stages of Pluto in Capricorn - things need ending

Karmic-Freedom is coming - hence - Karma needs completing

Fully Explained => "Webpage Audio Series on Karma"



You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"







#1234 Checklist for 12 StarSigns

Protecting Yourself from "Toxic"






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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"