Unique Zodiac Year 2023-2024






"2024 is Year of Truth"

Everything is "Yes" or "No"




"#1234 The Power of Evil-Eye"

"Evil-Eye" is the "Toxic of all Toxic"

"Evil-Eye" is "Souls-Thought-Energy"


Astrology is all about the "powerful invisible" energies

Psychic positive/negative energies are "invisible"

Ethereal spiritual soulful energies are "invisible"


Good Luck attractive auras are "invisible-vibes"

Bad Luck blocked depressed auras are "invisible-vibes"


Everyday you should be feeling the "+ve energies"

Something is wrong - if you're not "living in +ve energy"


When you're "depressed" you feel "-ve energies"

When you're "blocked" by others - life's "dead-boring"

When you're "blocked" by others - that's "the-evil-eye"


"The-evil-eye" is the worst as it's "Thought-energy"

"Thought-energy" comes from "evil-rotten-toxic-souls"


Audio #1 "#1234 Psychic-attacks"

"Being Blocked - and - Not Receiving Astrology"

"Psychic Attacks - Evil Eye - Blockages"


1. You instinctively know who is your "Evil-eye"

You know who hates you - it's the "Evil-eye" vibe

You know who's jealous of you - it's the "Evil-eye" vibe


"Evil-eye" is only created by people who know you

"Evil-eye" is because "they" failed to be nice to you

"Evil-eye" is because you elevated yourself above them

"Evil-eye" is because they resent "owing" you karma


Make a list of all the "evil-eye's" whom you "sense"

Their "evil thoughts" are constantly speaking to you .....

Even if you're not in-contact with them anymore

"Evil-Eye" is "toxic-soul's-thoughts" - send "it" back !

Use your list to "bounce-back" those people's "Evil-eye"



2. "Talk-back" to their energy - with "I don't care"

Most people ignore the vibes and it only gets worse

All people realize the "Evil-eye" when it's "an emergency"

Especially when you're experiencing "very-bad-luck"


To negate the "Evil-eye-vibes" needs your "Detachment"

"I don't care" is "Detachment" and "Sends-it-all-back"

You need to know who is sending "it" => to send "it" back

Your relationship already ended - but thoughts never end

You can't be FREE - until - your "thoughts" are detached



3. "Detach from them" - but - "Don't hate them"

"Detachment" lets the karmic bond disappear forever


It's easier to "detach" when you've moved-on with life

It's easier to "detach" when you're in-love and happy

But prior to moving-on with life - you need to "detach"


"Evil-eye-blocks" are attempting to block your llife

"Evil-eye-people" are "jealous/angry" at your progress

Be-aware that "sad-losers" will always create "evil-eye"

"2023-2024" is time to let-go in order to move-on !



"Magi-it" when you feel "blocked by inexplicable" bad-vibes

"Magi-it" is the way to "detach yourself from bad-luck"



The 7 Sources of "Your Evil-Eye"

"Anger-Jealousy-Hate is all Toxic"


1. Parents/Grandparents jealous of your luck

They resonate with the DNA inside you


2. Siblings/brothers/sisters jealous of your luck

Family DNA that you grew-up with


3. Childhood/Teenage friendships jealous of you

They knew you before you became "someone"


4. Classmates/Work-Colleagues jealous of you

They're close to you - and - know you well


5. Lovers - Ex's - Ex-husband - Ex-Wife

The intimate bond creates maximum jealousy


6. Anyone you've known who's jealous of you

You can usually "sense" who's jealous of you


7. Past-Life Karmic Bonds - jealous of you

Inexplicably angry people from past-lives

The bond is "pure toxic, evil & destructive"

This lifetime - the only solution is "detachment"

Pluto in Aquarius will create it one-way or another


***Remember*** - Accept that "evil-eye" exists

Don't avoid dealing with it's negative thought power

Don't fight - don't create mayhem - don't argue

Magi is in "your-thought-energy" canceling it's power

Magi is when you're totally detached from the "evil-eye"



Jupiter in Taurus - Bigger than BIG

Are you experiencing Jupiter's Gifts ?


Jupiter in Taurus is defined by opposite sign of Scorpio

Scorpio is jealousy - someone can block your Jupiter

Scorpio is deep-rooted karma of hatred-death-destruction

Scorpio defines anyone who has lied to you


Jupiter in Taurus is pure goodness via honest people

Jupiter in Taurus gives goodness after detox from toxic


Anyone who is toxic will not receive Jupiter

Anyone who is blocked by toxic will feel "it"


Saturn in Pisces - Healing & Peaceful

Are you experiencing Saturn's Gifts ?


Saturn in Pisces defines being surrounded by good people

Saturn in Pisces protects from deceitful-liars & toxicity

Do you feel "protected" and "at peace" with life ?

If not - then - now is the time to heal yourself ....


Krisztina has given me advice to unblock blockages

Krisztina call the healing-technique "magi-it"

Magi is the old name for wise spiritual magicians

For over 3000 years - "evil-eye" has been part of life

For many lifetimes - there's always been "evil-eye-jealous"


Deep-down you're always secretive because of "evil-eye"

Avoid the "evil-eye" by "keeping-shtum & be secretive"

Instincts always tell you to avoid "evil-eye"




#1234 Magi "it" - explained on - New Webpage

Audios of Spiritual Secrets of Noam Elimelech


Audio #2 "#1234 Psychic-Healing"

"Other people's energies can block Your Life"

"Your own energies will unblock Your Life"


Audio #3 "#1234 Goodbye to the Past"

"Evil Eye is only created by People you Know"




ספר גילגולים - Reincarnation - Karma

Finding-Solving-Healing the "Pieces"

Evil-Eye Connected with "Karma"


Karma - defines - the inexplicable illogical "blockages"

Unfinished Karma - ensures you're compelled to do "it"

Unfinished Karma - ensures you're focused on "it"

Unfinished Karma - ensures you're blocked until "it" is done

Completing the Karma - ensures you're SET-FREE


Pluto in Capricorn => Pluto enters Aquarius in January 2024

The final stages of Pluto in Capricorn - things need ending

Karmic-Freedom is coming - hence - Karma needs completing

Fully Explained => "Webpage Audio Series on Karma"



Unique Life-Changing Energies



You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"






#1234 Checklist for 12 StarSigns

Protecting Yourself from "Toxic"






"Unique Zodiac Year 2023-2024"

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You'll always eventually get to Your destination

Even on the pathway You chose to avoid "it"