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Powerful Zodiac Year 2021-2022

Unbelievable, Unconventional & Exciting






As predicted from my Rebbe - "it" will begin when I've found wholesome genuine love

Enlightenment - Thanks to the wholesomeness and purity of a truly loving relationship


Your journey to wholesomeness includes all facets of your destiny manifesting in real-life

Your 112 step-by-step journey - will - ensure you get "it" right - living life you were destined to live


The Collective World's journey - will - ensure - everyone sooner or later - get's "it" right

The Biblical Prophetic Vision of the World - is one of - World Peace, Love and Pure Enlightenment



112 Steps to Enlightenment

112 Days of Spiritual Secrets

"Introduction Day 1"


Introduction Audio - Day #1 - Day #1 - Sat' 25th December 2021

Day 1 of 112 Days - Began on - Saturday 25th December 2021

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112 Days from 25th Dec' => 16th April 2022

Dates-With-Destiny for Humanity in April 2022

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=>Daily Tawkit for Series of Lectures of Spiritual Secrets of the Talmud<=

The Magical Spiritual Enlightened Journey of 112 Days

112 Days from 25th December 2021 => 16th April 2022


Daily Audio Lecture/Shiur - Via Tawkit Began - on Wed' 22nd Dec'2021

The 112 Steps to Enlightenment follow the Book of Psalms of King David

The 112 Steps follow the Noam Elimelech and Talmud Kesuvos-Ketubot



112 Days of Revealing Spiritual Secrets

25th December 2021 => 16th April 2022


Astrologically - the purity of this period is perfect for New-Age Enlightenment

Jupiter in Pisces & Neptune in Pisces is only ONCE every 176 years

Jupiter in Pisces is ONCE every 12 Years - the combination of Jupiter-Neptune is rare


The New Zodiac Year on 20th March 2022 - defines - mysterious MAGICAL experiences

The Fact of the Planetary configuration in the mystical and magical StarSign of Pisces [Water Sign]


29th Dec' 2021 => 10th May 2022 - Jupiter in Pisces [Water Sign]

18th February => 20th March 2022 - Sun in Pisces [Water Sign]

5th April => 2nd May 2022 - Venus in Pisces [Water Sign]

15th April => 24th May 2022 - Mars in Pisces [Water Sign]


6th March => 15th April 2022 - Mars in Aquarius [Air Sign]

5th April: Mars 22° Aquarius conjunct Saturn 22° Aquarius [Air Sign]

13th April: Jupiter 24° Pisces conjunct Neptune 24° Pisces [Water Sign]

15th April: Mars enters Pisces [Water Sign]

16th April: Full Moon - which - begins the Jewish Passover Holidays


With NO planets in Gemini-Cancer-Leo-Virgo-Libra-Scorpio-Sagittarius

With NO planets able to block the full power of Pisces [Water Sign] from happening


Pisces [Water Sign] is idealistic - Pisces [Water Sign] is DIVINE DESTINY

Instead of "making decisions" - DESTINY makes the wise decisions for humanity


Pisces [Water Sign] is referred to as LOVE-AT-1ST-SIGHT

Pisces [Water Sign] is the magnetism of GENUINE TRUE LOVE OF ATTRACTION

Pisces [Water Sign] is life ensuring everyone get's "it" RIGHT

Pisces [Water Sign] will create coincidences to ensure you MEET YOUR DESTINY


Astrologically the energy from 25th Dec' => 16th April 2022 is ONCE-A-LIFETIME

This zone of 112 days is going to be preparing EVERYONE for a NEW CHAPTER OF LIFE


Thereafter - everyone is going to be ready for a WHOLE NEW CHAPTER OF NEW LIFE

Jupiter in Aries [FireSign] from 10th May & Mars in Aries [FireSign] from 24th May 2022


You can compare to the invention of the internet in 1993 - "it" began in 1993 - and today we're living it




112 Days of Revealing Spiritual Secrets

25th December 2021 => 16th April 2022


The 112 Steps Forwards to Enlightenment& Happiness

The 112 Steps defined by King David in every Psalm from 1 => 112

All the 15mins daily lectures/Shiur are online @ Tawkit.app => @ Daily Tawkit


Phase #1

[Psalm 1-Step 1] - Happiness - everything that's Your destiny creates Happiness

[Psalm 2-Step 2] - Whatever Angers/Annoys You means you needs to ask "why"

[Psalm 3-Step 3] - Whatever stress you have means "it" needs to be deleted

[Psalm 4-Step 4] - Praying to your own personal GOD - "YOUR GOD" and not someone else's

[Psalm 5-Step 5] - Recognizing WHEN your own personal GOD has helped you

[Psalm 6-Step 6] - Apologizing to your own GOD that you've neglected YOUR GOD

[Psalm 7-Step 7] - Giving Thanks to YOUR GOD for the miracles of YOUR LIFE

[Psalm 8-Step 8] - The ENORMITY of GOD'S Universe energies makes you THINK BIG

[Psalm 9-Step 9] - YOUR GOD wants to LISTEN TO YOU - not to other's

[Psalm 10-Step 10] - Questioning - WHERE IS YOUR GOD - when you need help

[Psalm 11-Step 11] - Being MISERABLE is a GOOD sign - MISERY is TRUTH

[Psalm 12-Step 12] - Accepting and learning from EVERYONE you know - good and bad

[Psalm 13-Step 13] - COMPLAINING about Your life is TRUTHFUL and LIBERATING

[Psalm 14-Step 14] - Understanding how YOUR GOD operates the energy

[Psalm 15-Step 15] - Pure Souls - have - a SIMPLE HONEST HEART OF LOVE for "ONE"

[Psalm 16-Step 16] - Realizing what's a CONSTANT SOURCE of your LIFE-ENERGY

[Psalm 17-Step 17] - Pleading for HELP from YOUR GOD - and - NOT BEING DISTRACTED

[Psalm 18-Step 18] - End of 1st Phase - Singing Songs of Praises - Joy & Happiness



[5 mins Audio] Summary for Phase #1 - Day #1 => Day #18

Never Forget how much GOOD LUCK you've had in the past few months


Day #18 is on 12th January 2022 - "some of you" will be sensitive to get it exactly

Other's will have already got "it" - others will get "it" by 17th January 2022


[New-Comers in Jan-Feb-March will realize that you've had something in Jan'2022]

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Step 1 => 18 is a journey of finding GOD - then - experiencing a MIRACLE-BREAKTHROUGH

Psalm 18 - Date-with-destiny of being SAVED and having experienced miracles and breakthrough


By the 17th January 2022 - you should have had a BREAKTHROUGH - to define Success of Phase#1

Some of you - will already have had a BREAKTHROUGH#1 in "2021" that you should be grateful for !



Phase #2 - 13th January 2022

[Psalm 19-Step 19] - Knowing your life is getting better because "You Know"

[Psalm 20-Step 20] - Asking for your TRUE destiny - not asking for nonsense

[Psalm 21-Step 21] - Failure creates Success - Sadness creates Happiness

[Psalm 22-Step 22] - Healing your Past - because "it" is the only way forwards

[Psalm 23-Step 23] - Believing in your future - because your future exists in the world

[Psalm 24-Step 24] - Thinking BIG means believing in a world of PLENTIFUL energy

[Psalm 25-Step 25] - Secrets of your success are given to you as inspiration - "listen" !

[Psalm 26-Step 26] - Be gutsy and refuse to listen to other people's "Gods"

[Psalm 27-Step 27] - All you need is ONE thing in life to be successful and happy

[Psalm 28-Step 28] - Truth is a "FOREVER-IN-YOUR-LIFE" - Lies/Liars vanish

[Psalm 29-Step 29] - Happiness and Success is heard from the tone of your voice


Phase #2 - Recognizing In Hindsight that you've been "saved" in the past

Everytime something went WRONG in the past - YOUR GOD was guiding you

Giving THANKS in retrospect - is - the way to HEAL the PAST



Phase #3 - 24th January 2022

[Psalm 30-Step 30] - Happiness is being "in-love-with-life" and your "HOME"

[Psalm 31-Step 31] - Happiness is "accepting" everything - past-present-future

[Psalm 32-Step 32] - Happiness in your current situation is the catalyst to change "it"

[Psalm 33-Step 33] - Acceptance creates the feeling that everything's going to be alright

[Psalm 34-Step 34] - Part 1 - Happiness because you're talking POSITIVE

[Psalm 34-Step 34] - Part 2 - More "Positive" energy in you - creates more "Life"

[Psalm 35-Step 35] - Getting "it" right - because - you see life clearly and truthfully

[Psalm 36-Step 36] - Whatever your mind is thinking of - is - your "AIM & GOAL"

[Psalm 37-Step 37] - Astrology - Believing in something much BIGGER than yourself

[Psalm 38-Step 38] - Turning the "LIGHT" on inside you - activates your life's destiny

[Psalm 39-Step 39] - EXCITEMENT in your Heart reveals what's important to you

[Psalm 40-Step 40] -

[Psalm 41-Step 41] -


Phase #3 - Recognizing In Hindsight that everything was destined to be

Recognizing that even PAIN & MISTAKES - were part of your destined journey

Recognizing that you cannot "BLAME-ANYONE" for anything that happened

When you eliminate - "blame" - "anger" - "negative-thinking" - you become HAPPIER

When you accept that life is a "school of experiences" - you become HAPPIER

Everyone goes through "something" to learn from - accept "it" and move-on with life



Phase #4 - 5th February 2022

Phase #4 - Secrets to Real Ever-Lasting Success

[Psalm 42-Step 42] -

[Psalm 43-Step 43] -

[Psalm 44-Step 44] -

[Psalm 45-Step 45] -

[Psalm 46-Step 46] -

[Psalm 47-Step 47] -

[Psalm 48-Step 48] -

[Psalm 49-Step 49] -

[Psalm 50-Step 50] -




Everyday I will be recording an Audio on Tawkit

Everyday I will update the message of the Day

After 112 Days You'll have a step-by-step guide



The 112 Steps to Enlightenment


"Magic of Life" is "True Inner Happiness"

"Love of Life" is "Your Inner Happiness"


Life is a gift given to everyone - your soul wants you to be happy

Life is a gift that you should be grateful for every moment of your life


The reason why people aren't happy is something FEELS WRONG

The reason why married people aren't happy is something is WRONG

The reason why single-lonely people aren't happy is something is WRONG


The reason why people are happy is something FEELS RIGHT

The reason why married people are happy is something is RIGHT

The reason why single-lonely people are happy is something is RIGHT


You can have NOTHING in a materialistic/financial sense - and - be VERY HAPPY

You can have EVERYTHING materialistic - and - be VERY SAD & UNHAPPY


Happiness in 2022 - is and will be - defined by - accepting your destiny and loving "it" all

The more you love life => the happier you are => the more you feel the ecstasy of DIVINE

The more you love life => the more you love GOOD souls => the more you love HUMANITY


Enlightenment is a collective energy of GOOD souls - hence - "love" of HUMANITY

Enlightenment means being connected to GOOD souls - and - accepting all the others


Enlightenment is a PEACEFUL & COMPASSIONATE & LOVING energy

Enlightenment doesn't complain - doesn't fight - doesn't argue - doesn't hate & jealousy


Enlightenment is a BRIGHT LIGHT that shines brightly - it doesn't see darkness

Enlightenment is a BRIGHT LIGHT that doesn't do "earthly meaningless nonsense"


Enlightenment is a BRIGHT LIGHT that wants you to live your DESTINED DESTINY

Enlightenment is a BRIGHT LIGHT that lives WITHIN YOU - to ensure you find "it"


When you've found "it" - you'll know - because you'll be ENLIGHTENED FROM WITHIN

When you've found "it" - you'll know - because you'll become WHOLESOME & HAPPY



As explained on Next Months Astrological Events ........

"Believing in the Future is Magical"

Something's going to happen during Sun in Pisces


Everyone of every StarSign is going to have an EXPERIENCE defined by Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces

January - February - March 2022 - will ensure you BELIEVE IN LIFE - BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE


All PURE YOUNG SOULS & All ENLIGHTED WISE SOULS believe in the Future of the World

All PURE SPIRITUAL SOULS & All OPTIMISTIC SOULS always believe in the Future of the World


When you BELIEVE it makes you feel YOUNG AGAIN - FULL OF ENERGY

When you BELIEVE because something MAGICAL happens - you feel ALIVE AGAIN


For many of you - "it" will define a WHOLE NEW CHAPTER OF YOUR LIVES

For many of you - "it" will give you reasons TO LOVE LIFE WITH ZEST FOR LIFE




Noam Elimelech ספר נועם אלימלך

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This Year "2022" - defined by Saturn in Aquarius & Jupiter in Pisces/Aries

"Coronavirus 2020 => 2024" - defined by - Meaningful Karmic Lessons & Changes

Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2024 - 2 More Years of Intensity of Death & Rebirth


Everyone of you should be able to sense that something is going to change because deep-down

The outer planets held in orbit by the Sun means you'll desire change more than ever before

The more hungry you are for a positive change - the more you know you're going to get it



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